Every pool will need to be re plastered at some point!

The process to remodel a pool is typically in 4 phases: Demolition, tile installation, plaster application & start up. Here are the phases broken down:

ACE Demolition-phase-1 Remodel Process

Demolition phase is exactly how it sounds, we need to get rid of that old plaster & those old tiles. This means we bring in heavy machinery to chip all the old stuff out. This part of the job can be loud & dusty. Once we finish demo & make any repairs needed we will get ready for the next phase:

ACE Tile-installation-phase Remodel Process

Tile installations phase is when we prep the surface & install the tiles you chose for trim, waterline & spillway! If there are any repairs needing to be done to the area , they will also be done at this phase. Tile installation consists of waterline tiles as well as trim for the steps. We can help you find the right color and style of tiles to match the plaster of your choice!

ACE Plaster-application-phase Remodel Process

Plaster phase is the most anticipated day. We show up in a big truck and several workers. We start shooting the plaster into the pool & smoothing over the steps, walls, floor & corners. This process takes a few hours. The plaster surface color & texture is chosen by the homeowner. We can do a traditional white plaster finish like shown here, or a pebble finish like shown below. Pebble finishes tend to last longer & have much more choices for customization like colors & other additions. Make sure to see our portfolio page for plaster to see some examples! Link below.

Once finished we can start filling!

ACE Erick-Pebble-225x300 Remodel Process

The start up phase is what needs to be done to the water once the pool is completely full after plaster. We need to brush the surface, balance chemicals & keep the pool running to let the plaster cure.

Once this is finished the pool will need some extra time to cure before swimming.

Click below to see examples of plaster finishes!

Check out some photos of our remodels here!

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