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An acid wash can bring your pool back to life!

Acid washing in the right situation can be greatly beneficial! It is a fraction of the cost compared to a remodel & can help bring an older pool back to life. An acid wash essentially strips off a thin layer of plaster from the surface, which can alleviate stains & help the plaster look & feel better overall. This service can be completed within 1 day after draining the pool. Once the job is finished the pool is ready to be filled up right away! You can be right back in the pool swimming within days, not weeks!

Acid washes can give the following benefits:

  • Can help brighten the plaster color / help bring back original color
  • Can help relieve roughness
  • Can help remove calcium from surface
  • Can help remove topical stains

Pools need to be drained every so often to recycle the water. While it is drained, why not see if you can benefit from an acid wash! We are happy to evaluate your pool & give you an honest assessment for your situation.

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Fullerton Acid Wash

ACE Zapien_AW_3B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Zapien_AW_3A@2x-1 Acid Wash
ACE Zapien_AW_1B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Zapien_AW_1A@2x Acid Wash
ACE Zapien_AW_2B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Zapien_AW_2A@2x Acid Wash

La Habra Acid Wash

ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_3B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_3A@2x Acid Wash
ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_1B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_1A@2x Acid Wash
ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_2B@2x Acid Wash  ACE Leslie-Kim_AW_2A@2x Acid Wash

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