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Transform your Pool with ACE Pool Repair & Replaster!

Are you ready to turn your pool into a breathtaking retreat? Look no further than ACE Pool Repair and Replaster for all your pool remodeling needs. Our team specializes in providing a comprehensive range of services to refresh and rejuvenate your pool, making it a stunning centerpiece of your outdoor space.

Why Choose ACE Pool Repair and Replaster?

  1. Variety of Plaster Finishes: Customize the aesthetic of your pool with our extensive range of plaster finishes. From elegant and classic to modern and vibrant, we offer choices that cater to every style and preference. We offer White Plaster and Stonescapes Mini-Pebble. Popular options include Tropics Blue, Aqua Blue, and Aqua White.
  2. Coping Perfection: Elevate the functionality and beauty of your pool with our expert coping solutions. We offer a selection of materials and finishes to seamlessly integrate your pool with its surroundings such as pour-in-place coping, bullnose brick, and travertine.
  3. Luminous Lighting: Create a captivating ambiance around your pool with our cutting-edge lighting options. Whether you desire tranquil underwater illumination or dynamic LED displays, we have the perfect lighting solutions to elevate your pool experience.
  4. Equipment Upgrade Options: Stay at the forefront of pool technology with our top-tier equipment upgrades. From energy-efficient pumps, advanced filtration systems, and heating systems we offer solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of your pool.
  5. Tiles Galore: ACE can can help you select tiles that complement your pool’s design, seamlessly integrating with other features like coping and lighting for a harmonious overall aesthetic.

What Goes Into a Pool Remodel Project?

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Draining The Pool

This process can take up to 1-2 days depending on the size of the pool/spa. Ensure the autofill (if you have one) and the equipment are off during draining. Additionally, where the pool is being drained is an important decision. The street is commonly a big no-no for most cities, (contact your city for more info) so most times we need to find a direct line to the sewer to drain the pool water out before moving forward with the project. This direct sewer line is sometimes called a p-trap or sewer trap. Every house has one & if you have a backwash line from your pool filter, this typically goes right to this location. The sewer trap is typically a large black pipe sticking out of the ground, it may have a thread cap or a rubber one. Knowing where this is located will save some time and headache when the day comes to drain the pool. As a last resort, we can use the toilet to remove the water.

Plaster Removal

The initial phase of our pool remodel process involves pool plaster demolition. By removing the old plaster, we eliminate any compromised material that may hinder the success and durability of your pool’s revitalization. During the demolition phase, we pay close attention to the underlying structure. Hollow points in the cement, often concealed beneath the old plaster, may be exposed. We also examine the pool shell to ensure what cracks are present and mark them. These cracks and voids can compromise the structural integrity of your pool, leading to potential issues down the line. We make sure to address these before laying down your new finish. Please note cases extreme cracks are rare and signs may be visible before any demolition is performed.

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Tile Application

Before laying the tiles our team begins by thoroughly prepping the tile line. This involves addressing any imperfections or blemishes, we meticulously patch and smooth out these areas to create a flawless canvas for the tile application. For those seeking an extra layer of refinement, we offer the option of trim tiles. These are applied to accentuate features such as steps and benches.

Pool Repairs, Alterations, & Plumbing

Once the pool plaster layer is removed we begin with a thorough assessment of your pool. Any cracks in the foundation are identified and addressed.

We also offer services such as raising the deep-end, adding baja steps, and adding jacuzzi’s. Let us know any ideas you have to see how we can best bring your vision to life!

As part of our commitment to modernizing and optimizing your pool, we offer plumbing enhancements. If you opt for the conversion of return or suction lines from copper to PVC, we integrate these improvements into the remodel process. This not only enhances the efficiency of your pool’s circulation system but also future-proofs it against potential issues.

A crucial component of any pool’s circulation system is the skimmer. If your skimmer is outdated, damaged, or no longer meeting your needs, ACE Pool Repair & Replaster can replace it.

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Coping & Deck

Redoing the coping and deck presents an excellent opportunity to revitalize the appearance of your pool area. Whether you opt for a sleek, modern design or a more traditional look, updating these elements can dramatically transform the overall look and feel of your backyard space. The installation of new coping often requires the use of wooden forms, which can pose a risk of chipping or damaging existing tile along the pool’s waterline. By coordinating coping renovations with your pool remodel, you eliminate this risk, as there won’t be any tile in place to be damaged during the process. This proactive approach helps maintain the integrity of your pool’s aesthetics while ensuring a seamless transition between the coping and tile surfaces.

In regions like California, where ground movement is common due to factors such as seismic activity, selecting the right decking material is essential to ensure structural stability and durability over time. Pavers, with their interlocking design and flexibility, are an ideal choice for pool decks in such environments. Unlike traditional concrete or tile surfaces, pavers can withstand the constant shifting and settling of the ground, minimizing the risk of cracks or damage and providing long-lasting performance. You can enjoy a durable, low-maintenance deck surface that withstands the test of time while adding timeless elegance to your backyard retreat.

Pool Equipment

Upgrading your equipment during a pool remodel is not just advisable, but often the most opportune moment to do so. You’re improving the essential components that contribute to the pool’s functionality and longevity and overlooking outdated equipment amidst this process can be a costly oversight. Aging pool equipment, such as pumps, filters, salt cells, and heaters, are more prone to malfunctions and inefficiencies, potentially leading to costly repairs after the remodel or sub optimal water quality issues down the line. The last thing any pool owner wants is to have their pool pump fail suddenly, leading to stagnant water and potential algae growth. Clients can take advantage of the remodel process to explore additional upgrades or enhancements to their pool, such as adding a heater for extended swimming seasons. ACE can assess the feasibility of such additions, including verifying the availability of a qualified gas line or providing quotes for installing a new gas line if necessary.

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Plaster Day

With the surface prepared the new plaster is mixed on the plaster truck. This typically involves mixing a combination of white cement, marble dust, and water to create a smooth and workable plaster mixture. Depending on the desired finish, additives such as pebble may be mixed into the plaster. The plaster is then carefully applied to the pool surface using specialized tools such as trowels and floats. The goal is to carefully smooth out the surface to remove any imperfections and achieve the desired texture. This may involve using trowels, sponges, or brushes to create a smooth, polished finish. Any excess plaster is removed, and the edges of the pool are carefully trimmed for a clean and professional appearance. Replastering a swimming pool is a detailed and labor-intensive process that requires skill and expertise to ensure a high-quality finish. If you are applying white plaster then the water usually starts filling the same day. However, if you opt to apply pebble plaster an acid wash is performed the following day, then thats when the pool water starts to fill.

The Startup Process

When a pool is replastered, the surface is brand new, and the chemical composition of the water can have a significant impact on its curing and long-term durability. Properly balancing the water chemistry during the startup process helps prevent issues such as etching, scaling, or discoloration of the new plaster surface. High levels of calcium hardness or pH imbalance can cause scale buildup or etching, compromising the aesthetic appeal and integrity of the plaster. During this initial week we will need to test your water regularly, maintain the chemical balance, brush the pool to remove plaster dust, and avoid using automated pool cleaning equipment. Corrosion, scaling, and mineral buildup can damage pumps, filters, heaters, and other essential elements of the pool system. In summary, the startup chemical process after a pool replaster is essential for ensuring the proper curing, durability, and longevity of the plaster surface, as well as maintaining water safety and protecting pool equipment.

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