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Get your pool & spa controls on your phone!

Ever wondered if there is an easier way to control everything about your pool & spa? ACE Pool Repair & Replaster can get your old pool control system into a more modern & easy-to-use system that all works from your smartphone! Forget needing to go to your pool equipment & fumbling with buttons and valves to get your spa going. You’ll be able to easily see and make adjustments to your pool & spa from your phone. Once this system is installed you can control it from anywhere! Picture yourself coming home from work & being able to have a hot spa ready for you when you get there. With automation this is completely possible!

Doesn’t matter if you have an old existing automation unit or if you don’t have any automation at all, we can help meet your goals of having an easy to use & modern pool experience!

Automation can control all of these aspects of your pool & spa:

  • Pumps

  • Spa jets

  • Lights

  • Heater

  • Water features

  • Water temperature

  • & more!

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