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Does Your Pool Look Like This One?  If Not, Let’s Change That!

If your pool plaster is looking like it needs some TLC that a regular cleaning can’t do, it is time to consider a full pool remodel.  Since you are reading this, I’ll assume you have a pool and need some help.  You’ve come to the right place!  New plaster & tiles are the absolute best way to get your pool into the modern age with beautiful styles & colors.  We make it easy to get a quote & choose the best options for your backyard oasis.  We can bring your pool back to life so you can bring the party to your home!

 With this in mind, you will want to consider what type of plaster you would prefer for your pool or spa:

Plaster types can be:

  • Classic white plaster

  • Pebble finish

Let’s talk a little more about these different types:

Which Pool Plaster Surface Is Best For Me?

Pool Pebble Plaster: Tropics blue

ACE tropics-blue-mini-steps Pool Plaster

Pebble Plaster:

One of the most popular types of pool plaster surface is the infamous pebble plaster.  This is popular for a reason:  Not only can you choose from a multitude of colors & styles, pebble is known to last longer & be more impervious to things like stains & damage!

Unlike typical plaster, pebble plaster has the added aggregate to bring in more texture, color & durability to the mixture.  This mix gives the plaster a completely different feel, look & longevity.  You can choose the color or style you like & even add to it for a more custom creation!

If you are looking for a more modern look & feel with the benefit of longevity & durability, consider a pebble finish for your pool plaster.

Overview of the benefits of plastering your pool with pebble:

  • A wide variety of colors & styles to choose from
  • Very impervious to stains & damage
  • Gives the best longevity of any pool plaster type

Here are some samples of pebble surface colors & styles:

Traditional White Pool Plaster

White Replaster Yorba Linda

ACE Mike-Smith-White-Plaster Pool Plaster

The type of plaster you are probably most used to seeing is the more traditional style white plaster.

This style is the most cost effective way to brighten up your pool & spa!  If you are looking for a clean & sleek look that is cost effective & looks fantastic, this style of pool plaster finish is great to consider!

Benefits of white plaster:

  • The most cost effective way to remodel
  • Has a bright white & clean finish
  • Color options available

When looking for new pool plaster for a full pool remodel, ACE is the place!

ACE Pool-photo-for-salt-2 Pool Plaster

So, what’s the next step?

After reading through all of this info you may be thinking “how can this be my pool?”

It’s easy!  We offer free quotes for pool remodeling or new pool plaster.  Contact us for an appointment & we will be happy to assist.

We bring samples of plaster & tiles to every quote so you can easily make a decision on what would be best for you and your pool.

One phone call & you can be hanging out by your awesome pool like these people are!

In the meantime while you are making your decision, check out some photos of pools we have remodeled below!

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