All pools will need to be re plastered at some point

There are tons of options to choose nowadays for types & styles of surface materials or tiles.

We are happy to walk you through the process, show you samples of plaster & tiles to choose from to tailor a quote just for you!

Let’s go over the process of plastering a pool & what you can expect:

Demolition Phase

ACE Demo-2-scaled Re Plaster

The first phase of a re plaster is the demo phase shown here.

In this phase need to remove your old plaster.  This means we will need to use heavy tools to chip away the old plaster & tiles showing the pool shell underneath.

We will then need to inspect the shell for damage / cracks & alert you of any damage we’ve found that needs repair ( if any).

Please be aware:  This phase is loud & can be dusty.  Ensure all windows & doors are closed during this process.

Demolition typically takes 1 – 2 days to complete depending on the job.

Once this is done, we move on to the next phase…

Tile Installtion

ACE Tile-install-gil Re Plaster

The next phase as shown here is installing new tiles to the waterline, steps & spillways.

We will need to prepare the surface by using tools to grind down the area.  We also will take this time to address any repairs needed where tiles will be installed.

The tiles will be added to the pool & spa then grouted with colors that best suites the color of tiles we are installing.

Please keep in mind:  The prepping phase of this job can be dusty.  Ensure all doors & windows are closed.

Types & styles of tiles will be shown to you & we can help you find what you like best!

This process typically takes 1 – 3 days depending on the job.

After tiles have been installed & all repairs are finished, we move on to the next phase…

New Plaster Application

ACE BP-plaster-whitee-scaled Re Plaster

The most anticipated day, the day we finally install the surface finish!

We will have a large truck out front.  This is where all the plaster will get mixed & ready to be applied to the pool shell.

It will then be transported through a long hose to the workers in the pool awaiting for it to start coming out.

One person sprays the plaster on the walls & floor while other workers are smoothing it over & shaping the steps, bench & other areas.

This is the same process for any type of plaster!

For pebble plaster, we will spray it down with water to expose the pebbles underneath.  We then perform an acid wash before re filling the pool.

Shown on the left here is a more traditional white plaster, while on the right is a pebble finish. 

This process is typically finished within 1 – 2 days. 

Are you ready to make your pool beautiful again?

ACE Gut-tile-2-scaled Re Plaster

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