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Stop over paying on your electric bill!

When it comes to helping people save energy ACE Pool Repair & Replaster can help! A pool pump must run every day regardless of use to keep the water from turning green and full of algae! Simply put, you are spending money every day while the pump is constantly running. Instead of dealing with this, you can make a simple change that will benefit the pool, the environment & your wallet!

Variable Speed pumps are super energy efficient. They are ‘smart’ pumps that can run on very low speeds to allow the pool to circulate and filter, but at a fraction of the cost. This means a new pool pump can essentially pay for itself overtime simply by helping you save money every month on your
electric bill. Despite being energy efficient, these pumps are still very powerful & can be used for spa jets, waterfalls & it also make vacuuming the pool a breeze! The pump is super quiet & can be programmed to run whenever and at whatever speed you desire. In short, there is no downside to upgrading. If you are needing a new pool pump or are just wanting to upgrade, look no further! ACE Pool Repair & Replaster has got you covered!


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New heaters can give a similar affect to the Variable Speed pumps mentioned above, but in this case, you can save money on your gas bill instead!

Whenever you use the heater, a good amount of gas is needed to get it to start up & run. Older or less efficient heaters use more gas than the latest & greatest heaters we install here at ACE Pool Repair & Replaster. Plus, these older heaters are typically large & can be a bit ugly to look at. Imagine having a heater that can heat your spa in less than an hour, it takes up less space, is not an eyesore & can use less gas to do the same job! Not to mention these heaters qualify for gas company rebates! It’s a win win! For any type of energy efficient upgrade, ACE Pool Repair & Replaster can help you meet your goals!

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